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In this game you are a mechadronoid - a self replicating probe who has been sent to a distant planet in order to settle it, make more of yourselves and send the new versions of you further into the galaxy to settle new star systems.

See if you can find the most efficient way to claim all the nodes in the game.


  • Blue nodes belong to you
  • Use Left Click to select a node and then select another node to establish a lane from the first selected node.
  • Right Click deselects current selection
  • SPACE advances the turn
  • ESC will quit the game
  • Use lanes to transfer power between nodes
  • Transferring power between blue nodes  just transfers
  • Transferring from blue node to white node reduces white node power
  • When white node power reaches 0, it is claimed to you and turns blue
  • Lanes cost 1 power per 100 pixels


Music was made by Prutte. Check out his Soundcloud account and Twitter.

Install instructions

1.Extract the .rar file.



Should you encounter an error, it is probably due to you not having the required .NET runtimes installed. You can obtain the latest runtimes from Microsoft's homepage.


Mechadronoids.zip 13 MB

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